Fixed Gas detector

GFG Technology provides you for separate transmitter and controller or one unit completed altogether in stand alone unit. Moisture control to protect the transmitter by filtering the humidity before go in to the monitor.

Portable Gas Detector

GFG Germany Gas detector Model G450 can detect 4 gases O₂, LEL, H₂O and CO with 4 separated sensors. Three colors on the monitors are indicated level of harmful. Docking-station DS 400 can be used of check and calibrate itself automatically diffusion and pump type are your option. There is flashlight for working in dark area. Smart pump G400-MP2 can take gas samples between instrument and pump. This will last long to 30 hours G460 is optional for gases.

Detection Technology

Gas detection for basic gases and toxic gas for your confine space job and risky area for gas leakage must be composed for safety reason. Moreover our optional for battery system both lithium and 220 Volt power supply and long distance 100 m of depth for checking the level of gas. High the failure longer 2 years’ warranty will be more advantage for you. In additional for free of charge for 2 time of calibration during first year. Multi-gas,Single gas will be designed for your requirement .Fixed gas detector  and PID will be available . Oxygen, LEL,H2S,CO and special fixed gas.

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