Heat Transfer System

Plate Heat Exchanger for liquid to liquid, liquid to air and air to air for

- Saving Energy.                                    

- Maintaining the liquid phase.

- Food Processing.                                

- Pre cooling and secondary cooling.

- Pre heating and secondary cooling.    

- Pasteurizer Processing.

- Transformer Cooling.                          

- Condensation.

- Evaporation.                                        

- Chemical process.

- Waste Water Cooling.                          

- Hot Oil Cooling.

- Oil Filtration Skit Unit.                          

- Heat Pump Skit Unit.


Our Service

We provide the mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning system for plate heat exchanger for all brands and provide the spare parts for replacement. In addition we also provide the new plate heat exchanger for liquid to liquid and air to liquid application and new air cooled heat exchanger for air to air application.

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