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Surface aerator should be concerned for energy consumption if compare to diffuser aeration system. Which is higher of the standard oxygen transfer efficiency because the bubble size range is from 1 to 3 mm is more suitable size for bacteria to catch for. Moreover, our module diffuser is advantage for increasing the wastewater capacity by no need to modify your lagoon. The “Cleartec” media also worked all together to get more bacteria living space and can digest more waste by reducing the digesting time or can increase your wastewater capacity in your pond. Consulting with our engineer for more information.


Our Service

We provide the turnkey design for aeration system as your wastewater criteria. Installation and servicing for piping and support, diffuser and root blower in the system.

Turnkey Design

Necessary parameters e.g. waste water capacity per day B.O.D and C.O.D. will be specified by filling your actual data in our questionnaire. The next step, we provide you the layout and drawing for the whole diffusers in the waste water tank.

Cleatec Biotextil

Lifting System

Maintenance problem always wastes your time and maintenance cost. Lifting system is the one solution and no need to pump the waste out.

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